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What Are The Best Personal Responses To COVID-19

Not many of us have lived through a declared worldwide pandemic before. For sure most of us have lived through volatile situations that have been bigger than life to us but nothing quite at this scale.

The first thing that you must do is assess the facts from the hoopla. The coronavirus does not govern itself upon our thoughts. Its sole desire is to survive. Attacking your body is how it does that. Attacking your mind is what you do to yourself.

Your main focus has to be to reduce the spread!

This is a virus. As we know viruses affect our bodies in a variety of ways. The biggest issue as of this writing is that we have not identified the full extent of the main ways that this virus deteriorates our health.

The theory of “herd immunity” is just a theory and is not proven in this instance.

This means that your first defense must be prevention. Best scenario: Don’t Get It! The fact is that once you get a virus, it will always reside in your body.

Think about this way. We don’t know if the side effects are going to be like HIV and cause a fatal deterioration over time, like herpes and return cyclically, or be like chickenpox and cause some other disease like shingles. The fact is we have no idea.

This is why “shelter in place” orders are the first step. (None of like it, especially the virus.) Now, this is really a measure to slow down the spread. We need the number of people that catch the disease at once to be a manageable amount so that we don’t have to start making the decisions of who should die because there are not enough supplies at any given time.

Every action is focused on reducing the rate of spread!

This is why when you go out, the recommendation that you wear a mask has been introduced. No, masks will not keep you from catching or transmitting the disease. It is so that the risk of spreading the disease is lower. Instead of being 100% sure that if you are positive, that you will spread the maximum amount of germs to others. You can reduce the number of germs that make to someone else, thus helping to reduce the spread.

Handwashing should have been a part of everyone’s normal hygiene but doing a thorough job of it now can save your life. Yes, this was always true. In this case, due to the virus living on surfaces much longer than most other germs, taking this action will help to reduce the spread, directly to you in this instance.

The one thing that will help the most from the medical side is finding treatments that work against the COVID-19. As we know that many more people will contract the disease, we need treatments to be identified that work. You may hear the conversation about vaccine development. That is not relevant right now. That is for a time when the rate of transmission isn’t this high. Some vaccines have to be administered multiple times before they are effective. So leave that for later. This will not help reduce the spread right now!

These actions are your first line of defense when it comes to surviving this pandemic. Regardless of the static that has been created about how many people survive the infection, that we will all get it, and that we need to reopen the economy… This is all noise. You have to focus on what you can do to make a difference for yourself and vicariously everyone else.

There are definitely more things to know but we check out my next article on about making sense during a pandemic.


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