• Agnese Rudzate

Want to be productive and have clarity? Get organized!

Organized women are powerful, strong and clear on their wants and needs!

Hi, I’m Agnese - mom, entrepreneur, business productivity coach. Organising tasks, processes, systems in the way they best serve my clients is my absolute passion and mission. And let me just mention that nothing lights my heart like seeing hustling business owners being able to take weight of shoulders and have time freedom they deserve.

If you don't think organising is sexy, let me turn that around for you. For way too long it has been associated with “boring”, “stiff”, “inside the box” and just overall thought of not letting you enjoy the FLOW. I’m here to switch you mindset so that you can enjoy organizing and flow all while having time freedom.

Let me be clear - I am not talking about your pantry. I’m talking BUSINESS. Who would not want to run a thriving business that runs like a well oiled machine without your constant attention?

If that's not sexy enough, let me go deeper.

Does this sound sexy:

- having time for important events in your and your family life?

- being able to schedule your time on your own terms?

- being financially independent, but not exhausted?

- having wealth without constant overwhelm and worry?

If all that is a HELL YEAH for you, then you will love what organising brings to your business. You see, all it takes is a little tweak in your mindset and you can turn what is no appealing in to success making machine, if you are willing to test your limits.

Follow my example, learn from my mistakes/ errors along the way and bring structure in to your business and life to finally have that time freedom that you have worked so hard for.

I am a firm believer that our personal space highly affects our overall wok performance. But it is much deeper than that - your mindset challenges you, technologies distracts you, thoughts and feelings may get in the way and on top of that you are lost in to-do list, because there is no clear system in place to make you lives easier. So I have made it my mission to bring structure to fellow female business owners, because I want you to have what I have and experience how it is to run a thriving business without overwhelm and 24/7 time investment. I have seen so many women struggle with anxiety and stress, because they just have too much on their plates.

We all start our business with this great dream in our minds to have freedom. While for each of us it might mean a different thing, I can say with certainty that this dream is very much alive in each of us and we believe we can have it. Unfortunately, dreaming is not enough and while you are hoping to get there some day, it seems that you just have to work a bit harder, a bit more, a bit longer… Eventually you get sucked deeper into this poor mindset of “you have to work hard to play hard/ work more now, to have freedom later/ if you work hard enough results will be worth it”. This mindset is what puts your dream in the back seat. But why can’t you have both? and right now?

I can guarantee that with proper planning, customized structure, processes and organization you not only can work LESS, but your business will be more SIMPLE and life EASY. These are 3 words I stand strongly by and implement in my life and teach my clients.

There is nothing more satisfying than to work for 4h a day and create immense impact, serve other women and see how your bank account grows.

And this I what I want for every women on planet (yes, it’s huge!), but who else will dream big if not us?

My wish for you is to start right now with one very simple step - get rid of distractions! Very often we don't get any real work done, because of distractions. Notice what takes your attention away from productive work and get rid of it. It will bring massive changes in your work flow.

For those who want to dive deeper and follow my path, I have created special course “Freedom Business Formula” which includes lifetime access, 7 Result Getting Modules with Videos and Workbooks, Weekly Live Group Q&A Call, Exclusive FB Support & Accountability group and 3 Priceless Mindset Bonuses.

To lear more about this life-changing course, click here.

If you want to book a strategy session right now, please schedule your convenient time here.

To a productive day!



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