• Melissa Bitter

Small Fish Can Swim with Sharks

Every business starts small. No one jumps into entrepreneurship with thousands of customers, unlimited products and services and all the knowledge they can handle.

It’s a process. It’s never as simple as it sounds. It’s a challenge to navigate. It’s hard to stand out among the sea of competitors. Thousands of small businesses and self-employed individuals make their mark on the world despite the obstacles of large corporations or conglomerates.

If you’ve ever watched nature channels or been to the aquarium, you’ve noticed how sometimes sharks swim among smaller, less threatening fish. How do those little fish survive among the larger and more vicious sharks? They play it smart and know how to position themselves.

Don’t Be a Martyr

Small business owners wear many hats. It’s part of the journey to know each aspect of the business from the ground up. The thing most entrepreneurs and business owners find difficult is knowing when to delegate and hire out specific job functions.

Yes, the business is YOUR baby. You know how you want things done. No one wants your business to succeed more than you. BUT, you can’t keep up the pace if you do it all – all the time.

Don’t be a martyr. No one does it alone.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing it all yourself, but to grow, every business needs to add personnel. The key is knowing when to hire out or add employees before it’s overwhelming or preventing growth.

What’s Your Time Worth?

It comes down to time management and work flow. If you’re the clog in the pipeline because you either don’t like the task or your lack of expertise, you need to expand your business and hire support.

As your business grows, you’ll recognize where you need help the most. For some it’s accounting (personally, I think everyone should hire out to an accounting professional) and for others it’s the creative side of business.

The whole right and left brain mentality does play a factor in professional strengths and weaknesses. If you’re a tech company, you likely love the problem solving side of business and may need help with customer outreach. For photographers, you may know how draw in your customers with your fantastic photos, but may need someone to help with your client management systems. The possibilities are endless for where each individual struggles.

There is not specific time frame on when your business should add employees or contractors. It’s when you feel you cannot do a job function as well as a specialist and you can afford to pay them their worth.

Hire Out to Stand Out

Expanding your business by hiring employees or contractors to do the nitty gritty intricate aspects of the business that need that professional touch.

You know your business and it’s goals, but you may not know how to best construct, share and interpret your messages to customers. As a freelance content writer, I help small businesses find their brand voice and sing it loud to attract and retain customers.

Each business has a unique story and their core values are exuded throughout their company. From their products and services to the ways they interact and develop relationships with customers, a company’s brand message should be consistent.

Dive In, the Water’s Fine

Successful small businesses endure among the corporate big leagues by positioning themselves to stand out and provide something others cannot. Today’s businesses and entrepreneurs adapt and ready themselves for evolving technology, customer relations and competition to remain successful.

They learn to swim among the sharks and position themselves to not get eaten or starve.

Don’t stunt your growth by trying to do it all. Reevaluate your needs within your own business. Where can you let go of the reigns and hire another professional? Where can you take courses or develop skills to enhance other areas of your business? Then, dive into the next stage of your business.

Melissa Bitter is a freelance content writer who began MB ProWriter to advance small businesses in their client relationships. She specializes in blogs, newsletters and web page content development. Her years in journalism and marketing provide a direct, yet engaging writing style that captures audiences.

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